RP Rules



→ Please do NOT disturb/pester R3VOLT store customers. Doing so may result in a permanent ban from the sim.

→ OOC don’t be a jerk. IC feel free to be a jerk.

→ Please keep OOC chatter to a minimal in local chat & only use (( )) or some other format that clearly expresses what you are saying is OOC.

→ If going AFK please turn your meter to non-combative, failure to do so will result in one warning. Multiple infractions will result in a ban. (Type /9off to go non-com & /9on to turn back on.)

→ NO flying/use of flying huds or otherwise.

→ NO vehicles of any kind.

→ NO rezzable/attachable pets of any kind.

→ NO child avatars.

→ NO griefing or use of griefer type huds, etc.

→ Please keep gestures, sounds and shouting on sim to an absolute minimal. Anyone found spamming any of the previously stated may result in a ban from sim.


→ NO CCS combat unless expressed permission from all involved parties & reasonable RP behind it.

→ NO using indoor buildings/rentals for CCS combat, keep it on the streets.

→ Please keep CCS combat away from welcome area landing point.

→ If defeated in CCS combat, you must RP as such. We know you’re tough, but even the toughest of folk can take a beating once in a while.

→ NO going non-com or removing your meter during combat in order to escape defeat. Once you start it, you must finish it or come to an agreement with your opponent(s).


→ NO godmodding.

→ NO metagaming.

→ Comms and translators may be used, but must be visible to other players and obvious in local chat when used.

→ You MUST wear a meter when RPing. This is not to allow people to attack you, but to show that you are approachable for RP and not afk, as stated above, you do not have to participate in CCS combat unless you wish to do so, but a meter is required regardless.

(This does not include rentals.)

→ Rezzed items must be temporary and cannot be rezzed for longer than 24 hrs. Items seen out longer than that will be returned.

→ We are NOT responsible for lost items should something be returned, rez at your own risk.

→ Items and/or total number rezzed via one person with higher than 20 land impact must be approved by staff and sim owners. Items seen out higher than 20 LI without approval will be immediately returned.

→ If you wish to rez items for a big RP that may last longer than 24 hours, it must be apporved by staff and sim owners.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the rules stated above or have an issue with a player on sim, please contact a GM. You may page one through the CCS meter, ask for one in ! R3VOLT ! City chat or contact one through our R3VOLT discord located here: https://discord.gg/JsavxHC.