Pleasantville Rentals


▶ How to Rent:

→ Rentals are first come, first served. All you need to do is pay the rental box located at the rental location and ask an admin for land rights to rez prims.

▶ Rentals Rules:

→ NO Refunds. Please be self-aware of your own financial capabilities before deciding to rent and only pay up to the time you are willing/able to rent for.
→ STICK TO YOUR PRIM COUNT. We also run a business on this sim and need the prims that are left over on the sim in order for our business to function. You will get a warning if you go over your prim limit and may be subject to having prims returned if you do not comply. We are not responsible for lost items should this occur.
– Rentals have a 4 day arrears period, if you have not paid your rent on time within that time-line your items will be returned and the rental will become available to other potential renters.

▶ Rental Pricing:

→ Prices for rentals are pre-set, at the moment we are not allowing extra prims.

→ $250/per week for 20 prims.
→ $500/per week for 40 prims.

▶ Rentals in Arrears:

→ We understand if you’re eager to rent and you see a rental in arrears, but please do not message admins about renting unless the rental you are interested in is at like 4 days in arrears OR you have an arrangement with the current renter to take over the rental. (Arrangements between you and the renter must be approved through an admin first.)

▶ Rental Decor:

→ YOU MAY ask for the current indoor decor to be moved/rotated around if necessary, HOWEVER if you would like a piece of already placed decor to be removed, you will NOT gain the removed prims in your overall prim count. Your prim count is permanent. We will remove items though upon request and ask that you be patient for moving or removals as we’re all very busy and will get to your request as soon as possible.

     ▶ Outdoor decor:
     → We have a certain aesthetic for the sim we would like to keep to, so if you wish to place anything outdoors around the immediate area of your rental it will need admin approval.
     → Motel renters must only place decor within their rooms. NO outdoor.

▶ CCS Meters:

→ NO camping inside your rental with the meter on. If going afk, same as regular sim rules, you must go Non-Com.