R3C Discord


Yes, that’s right folks, we’ve got a discord channel & everyone is welcome to join it! In fact, we encourage it! Here you’ll find easy access to sim announcements and events even when you’re not on SL, as well as faction specific channels and a place to discuss with fellow RPers for future roleplays and more! You even have voice channels available for use if you choose to use them, though not necessary.


→ Please be courteous to fellow players on discord, whether it be on voice chat or in text channels. No trash talking other players, you will be banned from both our discord and the sim.

→ Keep the RP in SL, the discord is for OOC purposes only please!

→ Post things in their proper places, we have specifically set channels for a reason.

→ NO metagaming via discord. Any information you see or hear through discord is not to be used as in-character knowledge.

→ NO posting lewd, violent or pornographic images/videos anywhere except ‘Viewer Discretion Advised’ channel. If unsure, it’s best to post in VDA channel to be safe.

▶ Ready to join? Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/JsavxHC